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Are you willing to help contribute to building a bridge from poverty for children and youth around the world?

When we started this organization in 2005 we realized that it would not be enough for Los Angeles to have one more youth program that serves between 50 and 100 teens each year. In a city with more than 200,000 school-aged youth living in poverty, hundreds of effective programs are needed, and every one of these programs needs the same consistent flow of operating dollars to be successful.

Thus, while we created Godparents Youth Organization, we also created products and services that draw volunteers and donors to our Travel Men-Touring programs. While we raised money to support the growth of GodParents Youth Organization from a few teens and volunteers to more than 30 participants since the beginning of 2006, we also raised money to support the GYO’s efforts to draw visibility, volunteers and donors to ALL programs in Los Angeles?

Thus, when you consider a charitable contribution; you can send your contribution to us.

One of our favorite quotes is “Continue to be the change you wish to see in our community... and in the world!” Mahatma Gandhi

Your support means that we can reach into the streets, alleys and beaches and give them hope. Not the hope of one day or one month, but for a lifetime! Please help us make that commitment. More than 94% of your donation goes directly to assisting homeless and street kids.

By Fax or Mail You may send a contribution by credit card or with a check payable to GODPARENTS YOUTH ORGANIZATION - Los Angeles, using the downloadable donation form that you can access below. Our mailing address is: Godparents Youth Organization 6230 Wilshire BL Ste 2145 Los Angeles, CA 90048 Tel /Fax: (323) 761-6445