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PROGRAMS: Road To Success

youth travel mentoring

Our youth travel and mentoring story

Road to Success

Mission: To motivate students to succeed and provide them with the necessary skills for a prosperous future Road to Success is G.Y.O.’s ™ premiere “men-touring” ™ program. Education and mentoring are key factors in overcoming obstacles and acquiring a successful life. This program is geared towards youth who are falling through the cracks of our school system and society, in order to enrich their lives educationally, personally and socially. Youth with a grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 or below have the opportunity to earn a cross country trip by improving their GPA by one full point/grade. The program is a 120 day program which consists of a challenge period. Students who bring up their grades and complete the challenging are rewarded with the trip. The Road to Success 30-day cross country trip is the return on their investment in the program.

BACKPACK DISTRIBUTION-  While on "The Road To Success", G.Y.O. prearranges meetings with disadvantaged youth and our students arrive bearing gifts. Our Signature Backpacks, full of school supplies, clothing, socks, pens, t-shirts, etc. are given by our youth who act as ambassadors of hope, inspiring and motivating youth who are just as they once were. After interacting with and encouraging their peers, we hug and head back on the road.

Road To Success

Dining with the Little Ones

Make a Senior Smile

The Judah Project

College Transition

Rewards for Reading



Our youth travel and mentoring story

Mission Statement

GodParents Youth Organization, Inc.™ (G.Y.O.) is a 501© 3 whose mission is to improve the lives of youth by increasing academic achievement, leadership skills, high school graduations, and college admissions by connecting them to the world through travel experiences

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