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youth travel mentoring

Our youth travel and mentoring story

The History of Our Legacy

GodParents Youth Organization, Inc.(G.Y.O.) is a nonprofit community-based organization founded in 2005 under the leadership of Tanya Walters, an LAUSD school bus driver. She and fellow school bus drivers witnessed daily the disconnect many of their riders had from school and community. Realizing that the bonds they formed with their passengers could be used to change their lives, they dedicated themselves to making a difference in the lives of the youth who seldom went beyond the troubled neighborhoods where they lived. The route they have driven since starting G.Y.O. has covered millions of miles and opened hundreds of eyes to a world that exists beyond some of the toughest streets of Los Angeles. Many trips later, G.Y.O. has evolved into a unique series of programs promoting personal development, leadership, community service, and career planning. Ms. Walters and her staff of volunteers have committed to making a better future for the youth in urban America.







Our youth travel and mentoring story

Mission Statement

GodParents Youth Organization, Inc. (G.Y.O.) is a 501 3 whose mission is to improve the lives of youth by increasing academic achievement, leadership skills, high school graduations, and college admissions by connecting them to the world through travel experiences

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